The prefix for Google is @Google is | Simply mention @Google in Discord for a list of commands.

Command Description Example
@Google help
Gives you a list of Google's commands. @Google
@Google help
@Google image <search> Gives you the image result from your search. @Google image pepe
@Google translate <language> <text> Translates your text to the specified language. @Google translate spanish Hello
@Google news [1-10] Gives you a list of news articles from around the world, or gives you a specific article. @Google news
@Google news 3
@Google weather <city> Gives you the weather information for a city. @Google weather london
@Google shorten <url> Converts your long URL into a URL. @Google shorten
@Google calc <equation> Solves your math equation. @Google calc 1+2
r!invite [raw] Gives you the URL for inviting Google. r!invite
r!invite raw
r!donate Donate to support the development of Google. r!donate
r!website Gives you the URL to Google's website. r!website